Questions about Hardwood Floors Refinishing?

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Hardwood Floors

We know that wood floors have been the most popular choice for flooring in the homes for a long time, this material that comes from nature has gained ground in many applications and functions for interior decorations.

From the lightest and most delicate woods to the extremely solid and resistant ones, they are perfect for floor, the choice depends on the budget, use, climatic conditions and structure of the place.

I will explain the different options of wooden floors and what to do when they are old and you want to change and renovate your space. Getting your Hardwood Floor Refinishing is the best option.

Can you Refinish your Hardwood Floors?

It is not an easy task, refinishing floors should be done by professionals, you can always try if you are willing to risk and have time on your hands  I advice you to  do it without using stain, just the clear urethane find good quality products some brands will be Bona and Loba you can find them at your local flooring store or at

hardwood floor sanding

You will need some material: A big sander that you can rent at your local Home Depot, a buffer, an edger sander, a powerful vacuum cleaner,  scraper,  paint scraper, a smooth plastic spatula, polyurethane and some brushes.

First you have to put a  sandpaper of Grit 80, then an average sandpaper of 100, and finally, a 150 fine sandpaper. Pass the sander  from end to end of the room with all 3 grits from the roughest to the finest, so that no sanding unevenness is created. To improve the finishes use an edge sander to sand close to the walls.

Vacuum the dust and start applying the first coat of polyurethane, you must let  it dry for the time the manufacturer of the product of your choice indicates. Once is dry, with a very fine sandpaper grit 400, polish the floor again and vacuum through before applying second coat repeat the same for the third coat and you are done!

How to take care of your Hardwood Floors

To keep your floors bright and clean, it is best to use a commercial product specifically designed for wood floors. You can find it at are very efficient because they take care of the wood, protect it and make it more durable. This way, you are going to make sure you don’t put your floor at risk with substances that could damage it. Do not forget to read the instructions on the label on the package of the product you are going to use and be sure to apply the product in a small strip as a test before use.


It is also advisable to avoid direct exposure of the parquet to the sun’s rays. If the room is not in use it is advisable to keep the curtains closed; This will help the wooden floor not to discolor prematurely. It is also important to keep in mind that, shortly after being placed, any wooden floor will undergo a natural process of color change due to exposure to natural and artificial light.

Once your floors are damaged from use, liquids, time,  furniture  etc, the best is to hire a professional if you are in New Jersey here is a company that can help you Wix Flooring (

Interior Decoration and Paint

As we all know, colors are one of the most effective ways to inject dynamism and personality into spaces, either by including them one by one or combined by two or three. That is why today we present the options and recommendations that have more to offer on the walls and modern decoration.

When it comes to improving your home to be sold or rented. Sometimes with a few improvements, the overall appearance changes a lot and achieves an impact that will be immediately reflected in the sale price. If you are thinking of a small renovation, a new coat of paint remains one of the most economical ways to make a change. We will show you some paint colors for walls that will be a trend

Colors that are trending

You must choose colors capable of pleasing the greatest number of people, therefore the palette should be simple and classic, playing with the nuances of the same tone through the different spaces. That way you ensure a cozy first impression and a suitable backdrop for any idea of ​​furniture or decoration that the potential buyer brings in mind.

The recommended colors are:

  • Khaki, combined with pure whites
  • Medium shades of blue
  • Bone color, toasted sand and black.
  • You can find some pallets and ideas online
  • It can also be decorated using only different neutral tones.There are many visual effects that are achieved through good color management and can alter the perception of a space, for example if you paint the moldings in a color darker than the color of the walls, it will seem that the walls are They come forward. If you paint the moldings in a lighter color than the color of the walls, the walls seem to be farther away.

Another  good way to create light and space is to use the lightest color in the area of ​​greatest surface area, such as the walls and leave the darker tones for the doors and windows, for example in wood color. This works especially well if used with a neutral tones.

Find the right contractor

Finding the right contractor is very important,to get the results you are looking for with a peace of mind, do a research online, check for reviews in as many websites as you can, you can get some recommendations from friends and family as well.

When calling for an interview ask if they are licensed and insured, ask for an estimate by writing with contract and time frame to complete your project, also meet the person that you will be working with, so you can talk personally.

Another questions you may ask are, how long they have been in business, if they are part of any association, if they subcontract any part of the job,  and of course the kind of products they use is very important as well if you want to get good quality remember it won’t be cheap, here is a painting company that has some advises as well